I am Arshika's mother. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the awesome phonics sessions you took for Arshika. She is now able to read fluently with very little help even for harder words. You have been an extremely loveable teacher for her and she always used to look forward to your classes. Your patience, technique of teaching kids, revision methods and daily practice routines have been impeccable and I saw such a drastic improvement in my daughter in just few days. Even though she is a slow learner, she was still able to pick up things by the way you taught her. I wish you love and luck for all your endeavours.
Antara Gupta
This is Akhil's mom. I was not sure whether Akhil would be able to cope up with other students before taking his admission into a higher grade in a bigger school. Luckily, I chose Thankam Ma’am's Jolly Phonics classes which brought Akhil at par with other kids. I would never regret my decision. I loved her way of teaching which made him very comfortable. She's very knowledgeable, kind and accommodative. Thank you Ma'am and all the very best for your future endeavours!
This is Uma Yadav, Nysha's mother. My daughter, Nysha, has improved in reading fluently, handwriting, cursive writing after joining Thankam Ma'am’s classes. A great improvement can be seen in her academic results. She got A+ in English thanks to Jolly Phonics classes. We are looking forward for your support to help Nysha in grammar. Thank you so much!
Uma Yadav
My husband and I would like to express our deepest gratitude for your exceptional teaching and the positive impact you have had on my daughter, Becky Adriel's learning journey. Your dedication, passion, and unique approach to teaching phonics have truly made a difference in Becky’s ability to cope up and learn so effectively. Your enthusiasm and energy have not only captivated her attention, but also ignited her love for learning. Your teaching methods are nothing short of exceptional. You have a keen understanding of each student's individual needs, and you tailor your lessons accordingly. The patience and encouragement you have shown to my daughter have boosted her confidence and motivated her to push her limits. I am amazed at how quickly she has grasped the concepts and developed strong phonics skills under your guidance.

Beyond your exceptional teaching skills, I am also grateful for the care and support you have shown my daughter. Your commitment to excellence and your profound impact on her education will always hold a special place in our hearts. You are not just a teacher but also a role model who exemplifies the true spirit of education.

From not being able to identify sounds to be able to read sentences using sounds has been a great journey that was made possible by your dedication and effort. As you know, Becky cannot miss your classes and she feels sad when you do not take class for her. She is willing to attend your classes all 7 days in a week which is a true testimony of the impact you have had on her. We feel so grateful for having identified you for phonics classes for our daughter and our heartfelt appreciation for all the great work you are doing.

Thanks again! We will be happy to recommend your classes to any kids without a second thought.
As Vaiga’s parent, I am extremely happy with the way she has been taught. Your teaching aids and methods are exemplary. A very big thank you to for accommodating Vaiga at all times. All the very best for all your future endeavours!
Sunitha Vaisakh


First and foremost, I want to say a big thank you! The 10 hours that I spent diving into Jolly Phonics were an absolute blast. I was introduced to so many new things, and you made the whole journey feel like a smooth and exciting ride. I can already tell that every single tip you gave us will come in handy, whether or not I end up becoming a teacher anytime soon. Your passion for teaching truly radiated throughout the sessions, keeping us captivated and ensuring that our doubts were cleared on the spot.
It was during the pandemic in 2020 that I could see my 5-year-old struggle with language. Arya completed her LKG and UKG in Montessori format and due to the unavailability of a seat, she joined the same school that her sibling goes to.

As a working mother, the transition from phonics learning to traditional learning was a nightmare. I constantly saw Arya's confidence rise and fall, depending on the teacher who taught her and I didn't like it.

That's when Thankam came as an angel. I undertook her phonics training and it made language phonics learning so simple. The methodology, patience, and ability to keep us constantly in learning mode ensured I learned it just the right way. I would highly recommend this to every mother.
It's my pleasure to get your guidance. You are really a very good teacher.
Selvarani Kannan
I am very happy to be a part of your educative class. I have learnt a lot which would really benefit me in my class. You were really supportive throughout the class.

Thank you so much, Ma’am!
I attended the Jolly Phonics class conducted by Ms Thankam Kuttikat. Her class was amazing. The clarity with which she taught made it thoroughly enjoyable. The sessions were very lively. Children should be taught using the Jolly Phonics method so that they learn English the right way.
Sujatha R
It was a great session! I learnt the lessons and they are very useful. You had immense patience while teaching us the lessons and when we raised doubts. It was a pleasure sharing the platform with you!
It has truly been an enriching and rewarding experience, and I wanted to share some positive feedback with you.

Firstly, I greatly appreciate Thankam Ma'am for her passion and dedication to teaching. Your enthusiasm for the subject matter made every session engaging and enjoyable.

Your approachability and willingness to address any questions or concerns we had made us feel comfortable and supported. Moreover, I found your teaching methods to be highly effective and the resources provided very useful. This workshop was really worthwhile.

Looking back at my own current practice of teaching phonics, now I know what changes I have to make for providing a better learning experience for my students. I am really looking forward to implement what I have learnt and share it with my colleagues.

Thank you for your dedication and for providing such a positive and enriching learning experience.
Sandhya Mangot
Thank you so much for the wonderful session, Ma'am. Really helpful, never thought learning phonics would be so easy.