Thankam is a passionate and dedicated teacher who has over a decade’s experience working with preschoolers. Professionally trained in Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar, she can teach children letter sounds, formation, recognition of sounds within words, blending, segmenting and ultimately, reading and writing with ease.

She ensures that the children are thorough with the sounds of all the letters and diagraphs before they move to the next level of learning. She caters to the individual needs of each student. Children are taught keeping the five basic skills of Jolly Phonics in mind. She has worked as a volunteer to teach English as a spoken language to children of non-English Speaking community in Ghent, Belgium.

She is also trained in The Art of Storytelling and Creative Writing. She can help children improve their communication skills through conversation, creative writing, story reading, narration and writing. Jolly Grammar for beginners is also taught, which helps children in framing sentences that are grammatically correct.

Thankam also provides training for teachers and parents in Jolly Phonics. She inspires and helps teachers in integrating Jolly Phonics in their existing curriculum.